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'YAE' line

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

An earthy rough-to-the-touch line of ceramics, glazed on the inside, unglazed on the outside.

YAE multi-layered slip tokuri, yunomi and cup

YAE -Line 2019

“I created this ''YAE' line Seven Swans' a restaurant in Frankfurt. their brief:: something earthy, rock-like that matches our strictly vegan cuisine.”

The vase is ideal for sake, whiskey or olive oil, the material holds the temperature very well the cup is surprisingly pleasing on the lips.

All Black...

Black Clay is gorgeous and a dream to work with but difficult to control. The works are made from soft little-grogged clay then decorated with heavy grogged black slip on the outside. Exactly what i wanted. I found hard to find the right glazefit. The high iron and manganese content in the clay the glaze fit was a problem. I kept getting issues this to work, some came out broken from the kiln, some not waterproof. I added my homemade dark Albany slip to the inside of the works and this one did the trick then glazed with a zink rich glaze that makes the albany bleed somewhat...and gives the cup a silvery bottom like a natural well... (#handmadeceramics #simplelife #wabisabi)

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