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3TREESceramics ~Balma//IT

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

I got into wood fired ceramics even before I did ceramics.

Cora and I were living partly in Frankfurt. Cora was part of the Forsythe Co. a famous and very inspiring dance company. Frankfurt was the place where we found our first 2 cups. An elaborate Japanese teashop with only Japanese tea and eastern ceramics, We bought some serious green tea and 2 celadon glazed Korean pottery.My cup is on the groggy end,

rough, smooth and silky at the same time, Cora’s is tall, elegant, curvy, all Korean celadon and all wabi.

I got to know my cup very well, spending time behind the computer drinking teased more green tea. some great flavours, like discovering wine or whisky….. a trip. touching the cup, the lip feel, the intimacy with the creator;

Now having found my second big passion ‘Pottery”. I developed another great sense of discovery, of tactile sensitivity and explore these sensations through development and stimulation.

In 2014 we started making our dream come alive.3TREESceramic. I was doubting at the very start of this enterprise wether to first build a kiln or first do the atelier//studio….I decided with the studio first.

now it all comes together… with our woodkiln, placing seeds in the ground in Italy, new possibilities, new unforeseen, happy accidents and challenges…

With our new place and housing for 3TREESceramics ~Balma.//

We dream for with this project to be::

~a base for a fresh vision on the development, exchange, appreciating ceramic art with a deep love for slow & woodfired ceramics, exploring creative challenges like creating vibrant, sustainable meaningful glazes & structures in respect of ancient knowledge glaze ingredients mostly selfsourced and local to create that unique

look and feel.

~a base for for summer school, shared woodfirings and other alternative firings, masterclasses and residencies. In this very special part of Italy in a truly dramatic scenery of the old quarry in the back, quite impressive and mind-blowing.

~a base for glaze-development from only natural sources and local materials. Feldspars, clay and rice husks and woods being all at hand, ~touching earth in time, like a timestamp.

~a workingbase for expressions with clay. Connect with local clay-communities and share our passion for life & ceramics.

~invite masters to come and teach us, masterclasses and workshops.

We are going off grid with this place.

First I will bring the kick wheel. Then design the whole place around this feature, the chimney & wood kiln, finally, after all these adventures. New challenges ahead…solar energy and a water tank, we have a sewer.

~Joris-Jan Bos

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