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Our very first summer school intensive was a succes!

We started the weekend off with a good energy, which was needed since we had three full days of throwing and trimming ahead.

Lots of throwing

Friday started of with wedging, centering and throwing the first few cilinders. Just by doing we could immediately see what could be improved. With hands-on guidance and each student's skill level in mind, we pinpointed what could be improved and gave them a helping hand. The first few cilinders were cut through to learn, but by the end of the day everyone threw a couple of steady and even cilinders to turn into a cup.

Setting personal goals

On saturday we kicked of with setting our very own goal. Some made a goal of making pots with lids, other for making bigger works. In between throwing we had a rich lunch to fuel everyone for another round of wheelthrowing. By the end of the day everyone reached their personal goal and the works were ready to dry for a day of trimming.

By sunday everyone's back was sore, but spirits were still up. Excited to wrap up their works, everyone started with finilizing some of their best works. Whilst listening to the WK finals Spain-England cups were finished of perfectly. We pushed our students to go just a bit deeper. By the end of the students we decorated their works with slib. Ready to go for the first bake. Now only one thing is left to do, which we are going to do for our students: glazing.

Do you want to do something similar in the future? Follow us on our social media accounts to hear about future intensives. If you want to start throwing now, come and join one of our pottery classes.

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