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2004      participated an exchange project between Holland

               and Japan.(12xHolland) attending a ceramics workshop,    

               calligraphy and knife-making with craftsmen of their field.

2004      learning from Pauline Hoeboer (Den Haag) and slowly

               developed his own style.”

2012       workshop with Fred Olson, kilnbuilding in 


2014       workshop with Markus Böhm in Kecskemet//Hungary

               on glazing    

2014       hosted a workshop at his house in the Italian alps with

               potter Peter Fulop on Japanese Raku.

2016       birth of 3TREESceramics, Gallery, Labs & Lounge, a lively

               ceramic atelier in the Hague//NL

2016       Patricia Shone exhibit at 3TREES gallery labs & lounge

2018       workshop in Shigaraki//Japan, working with the local clay

               and developed a glaze from local Japanese materials.

2019       workshop with Yves de block on Shino glazing

2019       meeting up and filming with Shozo Michikaw, Seto//Japan

2019       14 days assistance to Masakuza Kusakabe in Miharu //Japan

2019       group exposition ‘1st Taiwan International Chawan Festival



Joris-Jan Bos

Inspired by the music of Miles Davis, who never played a note to much and ancient japanese philosophy of ‘Wabi-Sabi” which nourishes and respects the beauty of the perfection of imperfection 

For his pottery he gives every cup its individual shape and character, keeping in mind how it sits in your hand as you hold it, how it kisses your lips as you drink from it.

Creating and developing different recipes for glazing using ashes from the fire stove, rice-husk from a friendly risotto farmer and granite dust from a local quarry. 

All to be used in a never ending research for a perfect Temmoku or for the look of freshly fallen snow of Shino to be fired in a traditional wood-firing kiln inviting nature to leave it’s footprint on the work.

In Italy they have expanded the 3TREESceramic summer workshop, with their soon to be build wood firing kiln.(April 2021) Their focus is to create a base for a fresh vision on the development, exchange and on appreciating ceramic art. To create, facilitate and develop an international ceramic center in Piemonte, Italy.


His wife Cora, an ex-dancer/balletmaster enjoys the pottery life and has grown to love the feel of the clay. She loves handbuilding, creating organic shaped vases and plates. Together with a team of enthusiastic teachers and students from all over the world that reside in Den Haag they built the 3TREEScommunity, a place for creative sharing and development.

Cora and Joris, both with their cultural backgrounds, organise music and performing-arts events in the atelier to keep the space alive and vibrant once every 2 months.

In September we moved to a new location, we left the Weimarstraat and moved to Joris' old photostudio and transformed the space into a versatile ceramics studio leaving some apsects of the studio intact.

“ I believe that each piece of clay chooses its own form.

Clay is a natural source from mother earth. 

All of nature is returned to its natural state, it all decays and becomes dirt & clay again: a rich history of everything that grows and flourishes. This history is for me is an invitation to respect it fully with humbleness.”


"I find myself infected by ceramics later in my career, I am interested in bringing ceramic back to the roots and  focus on traditional ways working as economically efficient as possible leaving the smaller ecological footprint."


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