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'UKI' line

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

A series of 'not so straight' and floating woodfired ceramics, woodash and granite glazed.

'UKI' Line 2018

“A floating world.”

Woodash & Granite

This line is glaze with self-sourced materials. I collected woodash from my woodburning-stove washed and sieved it. Woodash nearly 97% silica, the rest is contaminiation, iron mostly which i fully embrace it gives me that flow of the glaze the kiss of nature. I combine this glaze often with my granite-glaze. I collect the granite dust from a quarry close to our house in the piemontese foothills in Italy. These granites known as Syenite are one of the hardest stones found on earth and exported from Italy all over, part of the New York harbor is made from these as is the base for the Statue of Liberty. (#woodfiredceramics #ashglaze #handmadeceramics #wabisabi #slowliving)

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