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Updated: Jun 3, 2022

3TREESceramics `BALMA quarry'

Italian Woodfired Kiln in Balma

YESS.....we have THE GREEN LIGHT for receiving the keys of the abandoned historic site

'Balma Quarry Headoffice'.

Now we can finally build our woodkiln in Italy.

After a few hick-ups; an avalanche of stones that destroyed part of our garden, corona, war in Ukraine, we now received the big “OK” from our mayor that we are able to use the old quarry office space to create ceramic dreams to share with you

to create the hottest-spot in Italy. We are totally excited to start with the preparations for this long awaited venture.

Lots needs doing, so many helping hands are welcome.

The plot of land needs clearing of overgrowth.

Building a wood-storage place.

Cleaning out the building of storage which was left on the site.

Setting-up a rainwater barrel system.

Buying a small strong tractor, yes who doesn't need one!

Fixing the roof, windows and doors... the list is long.

But we are going to take it one step at a time.

We have come to the conclusion that we cannot do everything all at once. So building the kiln itself this year would be some kind of miracle both financially and in getting the refractory bricks needed in time.

For people interested to come and help us in this endeavour are more than welcome. Let us know as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.


9-23 July and 1-12 August 2022

(1 week each within this time-frame)

We cannot wait to dig in and get started, making this place magical and sharing it with you and the community.

We are still planning creative pottery-time and doing a raku or fire-pit firing at the end. There is enough space to realise something this year!

For anyone who wishes to support us hands-on or help us financially, this would be greatly appreciated. You can do so on our crowdfunding campaign page::

And for more detailed information just contact us personally.

our kiln::

~la freccia rossi

catenary arch

1 qubic metre kilnspace

bourrybox firebox

6 metre high chimney

reinforced steel

KilnOne of the kiln Andres Allik built. this is quite similar to the one we are planning to build.

short film driving up to the BALMA QUARRY HEADQUARTERS

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