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Terms of Use


This web site is owned and operated by 3TREESceramics//Joris-Jan Bos (also referred to as me and I). Use of this web site requires acceptance of all Terms Of Use. If you the user, do not agree to all of these Terms Of Use you may not use this web site. Use of the web site implies you conform to and accept all Terms Of Use.

You must be of legal age to enter into this agreement to use this site. I will hold parents or legal guardians responsible for any illegal or prohibited actions of a minor on this web site.

This website has an online store established for the purpose of selling hand made pottery and connecting with people who have an interest in and enthusiasm for hand made pottery.

*You will not use this site for any unauthorized or illegal purpose.

*You will not transmit any form of malicious code, virus or worm to this web site.

*You will not access this web site in any way or for any purpose it was not intended.

*Use of this site is at your sole risk.

Every effort is made to keep inventory up to date but the appearance of an item for sale on my website does not guarantee it's availability.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

*Shipping prices are not guaranteed and may change after a transaction is completed. If your quoted shipping rate is adjusted up you will be notified and will have the option to cancel your order for a full refund. If your quoted shipping rate is adjusted down I will refund you the difference.

*Coupons are non-transferable, you will not use a coupon that has not been issued to you.

Orders that are processed using an ineligible coupon will be cancelled and will not ship.

*When making a purchase you agree to provide complete and accurate information. 

*When making a purchase you agree that you are using credit that you are authorized to use.

*Returns are subject to our return policy.

*I reserve the right to refuse or cancel service, orders or product delivery to anyone for any reason at any time including but not limited to after an order has been placed.

*I make no guarantees to your experience with or the availability of this web site.

*I am not responsible for any loss, injury or claim either direct or indirect as a result of your use of this web site or any of it's products.

*No information on this site is guaranteed to be accurate or complete including but not limited to product information.

*I reserve the right but not the obligation to correct any errors or omissions on this site at any time.

*You agree to make all of your communications appropriate to the purpose of this web site and respectful to any person to whom you are communicating, and any form of communication including but not limited to emails, blog comments, and Facebook posts.


*I reserve the right but not the obligation to edit or remove any user added content that I determine, in my sole discretion, to be inappropriate to the purpose of this web site or disrespectful in any manner.

*You agree to hold me harmless for any content including user added content that offends or harms you.

*You agree to hold me harmless for any experience you may have from 3rd party links or content.

*You agree to hold me harmless for any experience you may have arising from within any network used for transmission of data relating to your use of my website.

*This web site and all of it's content is copy righted. You agree not to reproduce or use any of this web site content in any manner outside of this website without express written permission from me.

*​I reserve the right to change the Terms Of Use at any time.

Shipping & Handling

General Information:
I currently ship only to the the Netherlands.
I do not ship to PO addresses. 
Shipping times are not guaranteed. 
A tracking number will be emailed to you when your packages ship. 

Order Processing:
Orders are processes within 3 business days, I do not offer expedited processing or expidited shipping at this time.

Standard Shipping:
The Standard Shipping rate charged for your order is based on the weight and size of the order as well as where it is shipped to. In most cases the cost of shipping on an order can be calculated in your shopping cart at checkout. Standard Shipping usually takes from 1 to 2 business days but may take up to 7 depending on your location and the specifics of your order - this does not include order processing time. A tracking number will be emailed to you when your packages ship. To help you figure out when to expect your shipment please see "When will my shipment arrive?" in FAQ.

Expidited Shipping:
I do not offer expidited shipping at this time. 

Order Pick-Up:
If you want to save the cost of shipping and you live in the area of Rochester NY, you can select the "I Will Pick Up My Order" option at check-out. You will need to make arrangements with me to pickup your order as I do not have a brick and mortar store (I do not make deliveries). You can contact me by email before or after you make your purchase or I will contact you after I receive your order.

"Real time shipping" cost option:
Standard shipping costs are estimated as carefully as possible to cover the cost of shipping at the best price - estimating this way allows for convenience and ease at check-out. Because of the fragile nature of my products most orders are shipped with one or two items per package making it difficult to estimate shipping costs acurately. For this reason orders over 2.9 lbs will have the option to select "Real time shipping cost" showing no charge at checkout. If you select the "Real time shipping cost"  option at check-out, your shipping costs will be acurately calculated and charged accordingly but this can not be done at checkout. Selecting this option will provide a savings over the "Standard Shipping" option also available for your order but it sacrifices convenience. If you select the option for real time shipping I will contact you with the cost within 3 business days (when your packages are ready to ship - this will not delay your shipment). You will have the option at that time to decide if you want to contine with your order. Orders that are cancelled will be fully refunded. Orders that are approved will be charged for shipping separately.  

I package items securely according to best shipping practices, I have never had a problem with breakage but it could happen. If you discover damage from delivery please contact me ASAP. The damaged item along with all packaging will be needed to process a claim so do not discard either until I let you know you they are no longer needed. 

Privacy Policy


I feel very strongly about my own privacy and believe you should be concerned about what happens to information collected about you and that you should want control over what is done with that information.

I collect information on my web site with this belief in mind.

Private information is collected about you when you enter it to join my email list, when you communicate with me via email, and during the checkout process.

The private information I collect about you and where I collect it on my web site includes:
- your name when you send me an email inquiry, sign up for my news letter and when you check out
- your email address is collected when you send me an email inquiry, sign up for my news letter and when you check out
- your mailing address is collected when you check out
- your order details are collected when you check out
- your credit card information is collected when you check out

I use the information I collect as follows:
- your name, when responding to your email inquiry, to identify you in my news letter email list (only if you request to be on the list, the information is removed if you un-subscribe), and to process your order.
- your email address, to send you my news letter (only if you request it, the information is removed if you un-subscribe), to respond to your email inquiry, and to communicate with you about your order.
- your mailing address, for processing and maintaining records about your order (for credit card, tax and shipping purposes)
- your order details, for processing and maintaining records about your order (what to send you and how much to charge)
- your credit card information, for processing your order (I do not store this information)

Security is provided at checkout with SSL encryption, this means credit card information is encrypted before transmission, I use Square or Stripe for all of my credit processing. Square and Stripe are 3rd party providers who have their own  terms of use and privacy policies.

Cookies are used by my web site, they do not contain any private information. Cookies are placed on your computer by your browser when you use my website for your convenience to make browsing faster and easier - they are not required for browsing. Cookies are also used and are required to use the shopping cart.

Disclosing of your private information is against my privacy policy. Disclosures will be made only as required by law or for legal purposes if you violate our terms of use.

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